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Burn OS image to SD cards

Modern laptops and desktops no longer allow users to insert discs anymore. With this, burning ISO image of operating systems to a disc is a niche existence. Good thing, there are utility programs that allow users to burn OS images to SD cards and USB drives. BalenaEtcher—more commonly known as Etcher—is an open-source and free app used for writing image files onto storage media. It is a simple burner that seamlessly burns images of your OS in three easy and straightforward steps. With this, novice users can avoid having to deal with sophisticated procedures.

Streamlined interface

Before you start downloading Etcher into your desktop, you need to know that the app's download is quite large. However, its functionality proves to be worth it. The software has a modern and stylish interface, consisting of a single window where you can specify the image you want to burn and the drive you want the image saved. Note that Etcher supports only a handful of images, including ISO, IMG, or ZIP formats.

To make up for its limited format support, Etcher does most of its operations automatically. Your only assignment is to select the OS image and the card. In case you have multiple cards connected, the program lets you choose which one you prefer for processing. If you want to burn OS images on multiple cards or drives, Etcher allows simultaneous processing.

Once done, you can load a new image or burn the same one on another drive. Etcher burns 50% faster than some similar apps. More, it makes drive selection obvious to prevent wiping your entire hard-drive. It also offers validated burning, so you can avoid writing images on corrupted cards.

Burning made easy

The advantage of using Etcher is that it offers a simplified operation. The app allows you to create a bootable image in three easy steps, which are outlined in the interface upon launching. The process starts with you selecting an ISO file. Then, you will need to choose which drive you want the ISO image saved. After that, you only need to start the flashing

By default, Etcher tries to identify the correct driver automatically after you selected the ISO image. With this, you can skip another the second step and jump to the final step. The program displays your progress in percent, along with the current write speed and the estimated time of completion. 

The app validates the copying of data after every process to ensure that everything is copied correctly. It also helps to avoid running into corruption issues when running the operating system or installing it on a new device. 

The entirety of the operation will take only a couple of minutes. It will take longer due to the validation. You may disable the step in the settings if you don't require it. Additionally, you may display the reporting of errors. On top of that, the drive is unmounted when the process is complete. On the downside, Etcher does not come with many configuration options. 

An efficient tool

Etcher is a handy option if you are looking for an efficient image burning tool. The app offers a hassle-free solution, allowing you to burn the OS of your choice to any portable storage. More, the process completes fast and without complications. All in all, the app is worth a try if you want to run your operating system to another platform. 


  • Simplified process
  • Hard drive friendly
  • Clean and organized interface
  • Validated burning


  • Download is quite large
  • Supports only a handful of file formats
  • Limited configuration options
  • Validation sometimes takes ages

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Etcher for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.7.9
  • 3.8
  • (110)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Etcher

  • jeff smith

    by jeff smith

    The user interface is simple and easy to use, it works well,and it's free! Highly recommended:-)

  • Double E CPU

    by Double E CPU

    This Version worked on Windows professional 10.1809 and Flashed CentOS 7.7 for RaspberryPi on microSD


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